Story of MS

Most “ideas” don’t get to see the light of the day, but MS is one such vision that came to life. Why wouldn’t it? It was driven by the most simple yet rare attribute – passion. The passion for sports and the passion for entrepreneurship.

The founders, Musharaf and Shameer were both professional football players – A striker and a defender, the A-team. They played for the same team for almost ten years, across various states and cities in India. Together, they had seen it all – the wins and defeats, the highs and lows and were considered rockstar players of their team. They were a match made in heaven, a distinctive one.

Few years down the lane, the duo had to split and make their way into “the real world”. They moved on to seek different career paths, eventually quitting football. Would they make a comeback, no one knew. Musharaf set on his journey to seek knowledge on entrepreneurship and travelled abroad. During this time, he built a lot of links in the international market. Shameer stuck to his sports side, cultivating the footballer in him and started his own sports accessories company called Olympic Sports in Mangalore in the year 2012. Two friends, worlds apart learned a lot in their professional fields.

Operating in different countries, they learned different ways of the sports business. Little did they know that they were destined to meet again. This time, it was to celebrate their love for sports, entrepreneurial abilities and to support the sports industry. The duo started their hustle, just like the football days, working tirelessly to build a brand that would adapt to the ever changing society and culture. Fast forward a few years, they celebrated the highs and learnt from their lows bringing their vision to life, and creating a brand that celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship called MS Sportswear. They might have quit football by practice, but not by the spirit.


Our vision is to create a better industry for athletes through unique transparency and longer lasting products of excellent quality.


Innovation is what drives us and we’re in the constant pursuit of being the best brand for performers by providing products that are futuristic yet stylish and are adaptive to the changing trends in the industry.


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